Safety Training Checklist

  • In the case of high winds, (winds in excess of 20 M.P.H.) remove participants from unit and unplug motors. The equipment can turn over in high winds and this can result in serious injuries to the occupants. Do not resume operations until adverse weather conditions cease.
  • If moonwalk begins to lose air, remain calm & have children exit. Check that blower is plugged in, make sure blower tube is attached to the blower then make sure the breaker has not been tripped.
  • Make sure that all footwear (shoes), jewelry, eyeglasses, belt buckles and any other sharp objects are removed prior to entering the game.
  • NO FLIPPING, WRESTLING, PILING ON or any other type of rough aggressive behavior

Safety rules to abide by while using vertical slides

  • Slide must be monitored by at least 2 adults at all times. One adult should be positioned at the entrance/exit and one at the top of the slide to assist children and to ensure all participants follow rules. The unit must never be left unsupervised!
  • Participants must be at least 3 feet tall or taller to participate.
  • Always have riders sit on their bottom feet first to slide down — not face first or rolling down on their side. No jumping before sliding!!! No flips!!!
  • Only one (1) rider should participate at a time. When participant has reached the end of the slide the next rider may begin up the steps.
  • Have riders sit on bottom before exiting.
  • Do not allow participants to swing or pull on the hose.

Safety rules to abide by while using moonwalk units

  • Only compatible age groups and sizes shall play in the Moonwalk Units at the same time. The maximum number of riders of each group that shall play in the Moonwalk Unit at one time is as follows:


Unit SizeChildren under 56-8 years old9-13 years old14+
13 x 1310852
15 x 15121074
15 x 20141296
  • Again, no flips, piling, wrestling, or rough/aggressive behavior allowed.

Always remember that a good time is a safe time!

In renting an inflatable or moonwalk, you will have the opportunity to ask us questions and have them answered. You will be provided a safety overview and signature stating that you’ve had said adequate opportunity. It’ll also confirm you are comfortable with your level of understanding of the standard operating procedures.